Based in New York City
Into tech, engineering and startups
Passionate about travel, cooking and Muay Thai

About Me

I grew up in St Louis where I studied and worked in finance before moving into software engineering. I moved to San Francisco in 2011 and worked at a couple small startups before joining Uber as an early(ish) employee. After 8 years in SF I moved to NYC where I currently live.

I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures and foods. I enjoy running and biking and I've trained Muay Thai for 10 years in both the US and Thailand.

My Experience

I have 20 years of engineering, product-development and leadership experience with a particular interest in system architecture, organization design/operations, product strategy and UX design.

After starting my career as an engineer, I transitioned to engineering management where I've built and run over a dozen high-performance engineering teams and organizations. Over my career, I've worked closely with executives as well as functional leads from Design, Product Management, Customer Support and GTM.

My sector experience includes financial services, fintech, consumer tech and business software, and I have experience with companies of various stages and sizes ranging from early-stage startups to scale-ups to mature corporations. This included co-founding a B2B SAAS company and helping Uber grow from ~600 people to 27k.

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